Allnorth: Expansion Project a good example of responsible resource development

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Allnorth represents more than 400 employees distributed across Canada. Its offices are located in Vancouver, Kamloops, Kelowna, Terrace, Nanaimo, Prince George, Calgary, Grande Prairie, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Halifax and St. John’s. The company’s employees include working professionals, technicians and certified trades people with a history of working in the resource sector. Ninety per cent of its team has been directly engaged in the energy sector at some point in the past four years.

We talked with Michael Oldewening, Director of Marketing and Communications about responsible resource development in Canada and ultimately, why his company and employees support the Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

Why do you support the Trans Mountain Expansion Project?

Our clients are concentrated in the natural resource sector and projects such as the Trans Mountain Expansion Project will provide direct employment and technical skill development opportunities for dozens of our members during construction and other opportunities while it’s in operation. Indirectly, our organization and our members will see the benefit from public programs and infrastructure which are made possible through the tax revenues gained directly and indirectly from the construction and operation of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

The Trans Mountain Expansion Project will also enable us to leverage the experience gained and compete internationally on similar projects, thus providing increased potential opportunities for our people in the future. The Trans Mountain Expansion Project will also have a beneficial impact on our clients in the oil sector who are not realizing their full potential from the current conditions of limited market access and depressed prices for their products.

As a company, what’s your main interest or priority with the expansion?

The Trans Mountain Expansion Project will help facilitate a more viable energy sector through the access to offshore markets which are not accessible today. This will help diversify our export markets and reduce the dependency and price captivity from a single trading partner, thus strengthening the financial results of Canada’s energy producers.

Canada’s standard of living is one of the highest in the world and we consistently rank as one of the best places to live. The contribution of energy exports to Canada’s economy makes it a vital contributor to the well-being of all Canadians. As our most valuable export, energy provides employment for more than 440,000 Canadians and in excess of $15B in taxes and royalties paid to the governments each year. The Trans Mountain Expansion Project ensures that Canadian energy producers can stay competitive in a global economy by ensuring their energy products can reach more markets at the highest possible price. The continued success of the energy sector will ensure Canadians can maintain a high quality of life now and for future generations. A strong energy sector also has a direct benefit to our members as the sector provides many employment opportunities for our engineers.

Are you in favour of responsible resource development? If so, why?

Responsible resource development will help ensure a bright future for all Canadians. Youth are the future of Canada and the economic benefits from our natural resources are continuously reinvested in education, health care and other social programs that will provide them with unlimited future opportunities. Our youth will help put Canada at the forefront of innovation which will drive our future prosperity. Allnorth is in favour of responsible resource development because we believe it’s the only viable sustainable business model and is the key to the future of Canada.

Over the long term, responsible resource development will ensure the maximum benefit is gained from the resource while having the lowest possible impact on the environment. We believe the Trans Mountain Expansion Project pipeline expansion is a good example of this. It is allowing Canada’s products to reach markets where the maximum value can be directed back to Canada, and it is doing so with the least possibility of environmental impact to the communities it will operate in and around.

What is your message to those who haven’t decided whether or not they support the Trans Mountain Expansion Project?

 From our experience, Kinder Morgan and the Trans Mountain Expansion Project team have good values, they do what they say they will do, they act responsibly and they engage with the local communities. Kinder Morgan is a visible presence in the communities in which it operates and that ties them to the well-being of those communities. We recognize that Kinder Morgan has successfully operated the existing pipeline safely and in an environmentally responsible manner for more than 60 years and we expect similar results for the expansion. With Kinder Morgan, ‘safety’ and the ‘environment’ are not mere words, they are a way of doing business and they have been doing it that way since 1953.