BOS Solutions: Project will provide careers and opportunities for thousands of Canadians

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BOS Solutions is a leading industry provider of fluid management and waste reduction for Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and Direct Pipe industries. BOS Solutions employs more than 300 people in North America. Most of these employees make up the Operations team, which consists of Field Technicians and Field Supervisors, all of which are supported by their Applications and Project Engineers, Service Quality Coordinators and HSE Managers.

For those ready to begin a career in the services sector in a field-level position, BOS offers an industry-leading, classroom-based training program followed by an on-the-job short-service employee mentoring program. This ensures its field staff perform their jobs safely and are technically capable of providing a high-quality service to their clients.

We interviewed Andrew Pow, Director of Integrated Services of BOS Solutions about responsible resource development in Canada and what the Trans Mountain Expansion Project means to his company and his employees.

Why do you support the Trans Mountain Expansion Project?

The expansion and implementation of new infrastructure is one of the best ways to stimulate and enhance local and national economies. The $7.4-billion investment will create thousands of jobs for Canadian-based companies like ours and will help reduce the constraints on our country’s oil exports. Without the pipeline expansion, the nation is missing out on valuable oil export revenue that would go back into our economy to make further infrastructure improvements in all regions across the country. Furthermore, by building this pipeline, Kinder Morgan Canada has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and add to the overall safety of the region by decreasing the transportation of oil by other modes of transportation. Pipelines are the safest and the most environmental and efficient way to transport oil.

Are you in favour of responsible resource development? If so, why?

Certainly. Not only do our natural resources support all our daily functions, we have a fixed amount, so they must be used in a responsible way. The Trans Mountain Expansion Project embodies this philosophy by using the existing right-of-way and utility corridors to limit new development to only 10 per cent of the total Project, minimizing the environmental impact.

In addition, responsible resource development can only be achieved when the correct steps are taken to ensure all regulations are followed and no facet of the Project is ever out of compliance. Kinder Morgan has taken these steps by outlining the use of Natural Resource Specialist’s Monitoring, continuous environmental inspections and a thorough post-construction environmental monitoring plan for the Project. And, after receiving approvals from the National Energy Board (NEB) and the federal and provincial governments, we fully support and are eager for the start of this Project.

What is your message to those who haven’t decided whether or not if they support the Trans Mountain Expansion Project?

This Project will provide careers and opportunities for thousands of Canadians and businesses and ensure the safest handling of our natural resources. By supporting this expansion, you help set up the Canadian economy for success for many years to come.