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We want our part blog, part forum, part here’s-what’s-going-on-now-and-into-the-future to be an open opportunity for questions and comments from all users. We encourage you to leave constructive, on topic feedback, ask questions and interact with one another.

To that end we’ve outlined a few simple guidelines for posting to the Trans Mountain Blog.


  • Show good etiquette, citizenship and courtesy. Treat your online interactions with the same civility you would exercise and expect in person.
  • Please treat others, including moderators and interviewees with respect. Offensive and disrespectful comments will not be tolerated. Nor will the publication of illegal, violent, obscene, or discriminatory content be accepted.
  • Comments or questions should demonstrate an obvious link to the post they appear on.
  • Please provide a proper introduction and context when including hyperlinks.
  • Publication of multiple identical messages will not be permitted, as it interferes with the readability and use of the comments for all. Duplicate posts may be removed.
  • Abbreviated, condensed, vulgar and posts misusing capitalization all detract from clear communication. We ask that users apply proper grammar to encourage informative conversations.


We look forward to hearing from all of you, and thank you in advance for adhering to our Community Guidelines. Posts that do not follow these Guidelines may be subject to deletion.

  • Brian

    These protesters should start building their tepees but if they can’t cut trees or damage them they will be dead in the water.

  • Brian

    Please read the article from Keith Baldry “In the house” today in Burnaby Now. He said it as it is.

  • Tenacious

    Common courtesy would be to reply to a comment. It seems obvious that no one from TransMountain feels the need to be respectful or is even monitoring this site.