Graphic: Trans Mountain Pipeline Spill History

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We are committed to transparency involving any and all spills that have occurred along our line, or on partner vessels carrying Trans Mountain-transported product. This information is available to the public. Below you will find an analysis of the spills from the Trans Mountain Pipeline. For a full listing of these spills and what we have learned and changed due to these incidents, visit the spill history section on our website.



  • windyspirit

    Quoting: “Spill is properly addressed according to rigorous government monitoring, regulations and inspections.” Are you serious???? What monitoring, you mean like mining disasters monitoring???

    • TheSkyIsNotFallingItWasABird

      You obviously have never worked in the oil or mining industries.

      The regulations in both are voluminous. That’s why anytime a breach occurs, violations can always be found in the mountains of regulations as it is impossible to meet every aspect of the regs at all times. And the media sucks it up, reinterprets it and alarm the public as no one buys good news. The interpretation of those regulations can be subjective and variable to those involved depending on what are their intentions.

      It’s waaaay too easy for the uninformed public to pass off industry as being unsupervised and free to do what they want. It just isn’t true.

      Compliance with regulations is a huge part of the resource industry. The permits, licences and permissions required for even the simplest things would stagger you.

  • peakie

    With several gas leaks in the City of Vancouver recently, when has TransMountain renewed its pipes since the 1950s?
    Has “wear and tear” changed as pipeline ‘contents’ water, fuel, crude etc, been run through the pipes?

  • peakie

    How to scrape, or extract the text from your JPG graphic (scaled to 597px × 4,179px)? Do you have text files of all the text in the graphic?