Supporter Spotlight: Petroleum Services Association of Canada

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160421_PSAC_TMT_2014PSAC004The Petroleum Services Association of Canada (PSAC) is the national trade association representing the service, supply and manufacturing sectors within the upstream petroleum industry. As the voice of Canada’s petroleum service, supply and manufacturing sector, PSAC advocates for its members to enable the continued innovation, technological advancement and in-the-field experience they supply to Canada’s energy explorers and producers, helping to increase efficiency, improve safety and protect the environment. PSAC member companies represent a significant portion of the business volume generated in the petroleum services industry.

As part of our Supporter Spotlight series, we recently spoke with Mark Salkeld, President and CEO of PSAC to ask about its priorities and concerns with the Trans Mountain Expansion Project and why the association supports it.

Why do you support the Trans Mountain Expansion Project? How would your members benefit from the Trans Mountain Expansion Project?

We support the Trans Mountain Expansion Project as our members at the Petroleum Services Association of Canada, who provide oil and gas services, would benefit from the additional work available. Our members produce the oil that would travel those pipelines to world markets. Right now, without market access, drilling and activity in the oil and gas sector has really slowed down. Equipment is sitting idle, thousands of Canadians are out of work, and some of our member companies will have a difficult time weathering this economic downturn. Canada needs to do all it can to get its oil and gas products to tidewater, as at the present time, we sell our valuable resources to the US at a discount. We need to do all we can to make sure our oil and gas reaches the global marketplace and thereby benefits all Canadians with increased investment, additional tax dollars and employment.

What’s your organization’s main concern in relation to the Expansion Project?

As an organization, work for our member oilfield services companies and employment for their workers are our major concerns. If the Trans Mountain Expansion Project is approved, producers will invest in additional oil production to fill the pipeline. This will put our member companies and their workers back on the job.

Do you see any long-term benefits for Canada from responsible resource development? Why?

PSAC is in favour of responsible resource development because the oil and gas sector contributes billions of dollars, investment, and employment to the Canadian economy each year. And, we believe that we can produce our valuable oil and gas resources and produce these economic benefits while continuing to respect and balance the concerns of the public, indigenous peoples, and the environment. PSAC recently participated in international trade missions in India, Mexico and Colombia and oil and gas companies from other countries are very interested in the methods and technology the Canadian oilfield services sector (especially highly respected PSAC members) uses as we are known around the world for our robust regulatory regime and our high environmental standards.

What is your message to those who haven’t decided whether or not they support the proposed Trans Mountain Expansion Project?

Participate in the process and help us get the expansion built so all Canadians can benefit from the project. If you have concerns about the process, the environment or community impacts, then express those concerns so they can be addressed.

What is your message to those who haven’t decided whether or not they support the proposed Trans Mountain Expansion Project?

As Canadians and residents of BC, we have to look at the future and understand the strength of our economy relies upon projects such as TMEP. As our population ages, we need the economic benefits of resource development to help support our health care system. We also need to ensure we’re getting our resources to market in the safest and most efficient manner possible.